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About Gerster Insulation

Peter started his insulation experience at Bradford insulation where he spent 5 years in the production department then 4 years in sales and contracting.

In the late 60s Peter rented a shop in Hawthorn from a friend for $10 per week and with his mother Margaret and his brother Robin Gerster, continued his journey in the insulation industry under the name of Rockwool Home Insulation later to become PETER GERSTER INSULATION. His Mum took a keen interest in the business until she passed away in 2011, and brother Robin is now a Professor at Monash University.

Peter GersterOver the past 30 years Peter has developed and perfected sheep’s wool insulation products and installation methods under the name of Golden Fleece Insulation offering a healthy blend of natural fibres with astonishing insulating properties.

It is no wonder he is a leader in his field. He was the Inaugural President of the Australian Wool Insulation Association and was jointly responsible for setting the first Product Standards for wool insulation.


Peter has always prided himself on offering Quality products at a competitive price with unbeatable old fashioned service... Always remembering what a happy customer once said …

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten