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Downlight Covers

Why use SafeKnight™ downlight covers?


Unlike existing products on the market, SafeKnight™ provides a DIY solution for creating a protective barrier between down lights and combustible materials.


Some of the benefits are:

  • Can be installed over or near roof beams, unlike other product on the market.
  • Does not need to be installed by a qualified electrician, can be installed by any homeowner.
  • Keeps dust and insects away from downlights.
  • Can’t be easily knocked out of position or chewed by rodents.
  • Remains fire-resistant, and won’t breakdown over time, like some of the cardboard products currently in use.
  • Increases the lifespan of halogen globes.
  • Designed by an experienced electrician.
  • Sized at 220mm x 220mm, they cover and protect both downlight and transformer.  


Easy Installation


  1. Turn off / isolate all lights
  2. Simply push away all loose fill, insulation and other flammable objects.
  3. Place SafeKnight™ downlight barrier over downlight fitting.




Baffle Instructions ( With optional part number: ARJ2 )


  1. Cutout sections required to fit over beam using an appropriate cutting tool.
  2. Insert baffle to the required locating holes at the top of the cover.
  3. Follow steps 1-3 of the easy installation guide.



  • Made from fire rated plastic which has passed the 960 degree glow wire test.
  • Complies with clause 8, 9 and 10 of AS/NZS 4695.2.2 and clauses 10, 11 and 12 of AS/NZS 60695.2.11, as requested and approved by Energy Safe Victoria