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Exhuast Fan Covers

The DraftStoppa® - Exhuast Fan Cover


Draft Stoppa

The ‘original’ DraftStoppa® is an innovative and inexpensive self-seal casing for ceiling exhaust fans. Containing a set of balanced shutters which open when the fan is turned on and close under their own weight when the fan is turned off, this Australian designed and manufactured product is aimed at reducing energy costs by preventing hot or cold air from entering the home via the ceiling exhaust fan.

Made entirely from recyclable, fire retardant materials, the DraftStoppa® is simple to install, requires little maintenance and can be fitted over most standard exhaust fans in new homes as well as being retro-fitted into established homes. Read more


The New DraftStoppa® TopHat™ is an innovative ducted, energy efficient, ceiling exhaust fan incorporating the self-sealing DraftStoppa concept. It is the only totally enclosed fan system with the ability to exhaust air to the outside without return air coming back in. It is designed for new homes and can be retro-fitted into existing homes.