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Green Stuff Insulation

The User Friendly Insulation

Made from polymer fibres that are cross lapped and bonded into a batt, soft to the touch & non-irritant. Polyester will not deteriorate over time, is unaffected by mould, mildew & rot, and resistant  to vermin & insect attack. Polyester is mainly used for thermal and acoustic insulation in ceilings, external and internal walls and under floors. Available in a range of sizes, thicknesses and densities to suit many applications.

Other features include:

  • Totally safe to install and provides safe indoor air quality
  • Fully recyclable.
  • Gives you greater control over the level of comfort in your home.
  • Provides excellent acoustic properties.
  • Not affected by water.
  • Fire Resistance Ratings complies with the Australian Building Code


Ceiling and Wall Thermal Insulation Batts


Polyester Insulation Batts are designed for the thermal insulation of buildings and can be used in ceilings, internal and external walls and mid-floor cavities. Polyester is a proven favorite among experts for both ceiling and wall insulation is perfect for homes across Australia. The Batts come   pre-cut to fit standard timber-framed walls and ceilings. Thermally bonded into shape, Polyester Insulation Batts are designed to be self-supporting.


Underfloor Insulation rolls or Batts


Polyester Under floor insulation is designed to provide thermal insulation under exposed joist floors of new and existing timber-framed buildings. Polyester Under floor reduces heat loss through floors and assists in reducing drafts through joins in the floor structure. It comes as rolls pre-cut to fit standard exposed timber joist floors and is easily installed by stapling into place between the joists.


Acoustic Insulation Batts


Polyester Sound Solution Insulation Batts and Rolls are designed for the noise insulation of standard timber and steel-framed residential and commercial buildings. These acoustic products reduce airborne sound, impact noise and noise transmission by controlling resonating noise in the construction cavity. Sound Solution products come as acoustic insulation batts and rolls pre-cut to fit standard wall framing and mid-floor joist spacings.


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